HYPOTHETICALLY | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
29 October, Tuesday 19:30 "Apostol Karamitev" Stage Premiere


01 h 15 m
Multi-genre performance

Production team:

Idea, choreography and direction
Galina Borisova
Scenography and costumes
Darina Stoimenova
Sound environment
Vladimir Vlaev



Idea, choreography and direction:

Galina Borissova

Costumes and scenography:

Darina Stoimenova

Sound Design:

Vladimir Vlaev


Aneta Ivanova, Velislav Pavlov, Elena Dimitrova, Kire Gyorevski, Piotr Ksheminski, Stefan A. Shterev



"A performance that is not to affirm, but to happen. A performance about the performance itself. We are silent, or we speak concretely and conceitedly, but we do not strive for excessive illustrations. A performance that soothes, but at the same time raises anxiety. We discuss things that we have heard about but have not seen. The performers demonstrate their commitment and challenge the issues with pleasure. We present details, but the essential part may be missing. We also think about what might be missed. We use words to flesh out hypotheses and the body as a container of content made up of problems and memory. Judgments that creep into specific images in specific circumstances can be proved or rejected. Hypothetically, anything can happen. It is tempting to control processes, but the likelihood of succeeding is slim and doubtful. We live together only to realize that collectives are gatherings of alienated individuals. We don't want art to end."

Galina Borissova



Galina Borisova calls herself a choreographer "mutant". She is a choreographer and a performer in more than 50 performances presented in Europe and the USA. She is known to audiences for her iconic solo works "Juanita Hildegard Bo", "Dancing Maria Callas", "anti-GONE-It's Me", "Down Here All the Lilacs Die", "How Fast Life Goes from January to December", "True to Original". Her performances provoke with their conceptual solutions, precise details and sense of humour. She is the initiator and producer of the Etudes and Friends Festival. She is the author of the book "Dance Conceptions and Artistic Preferences". Active blogger and initiator of the platform "Preference for Dance" (http://galina-borissova.blogspot.com/).

First prize winner for choreography for the performance "A Never Ending Story" in Groningen, The Netherlands. She received a gold medal for her solo "Juanita Hildegard Bo'' at the Zemun Festival in Belgrade. Her latest projects are presented at the Etude Gallery, where she is also the programmer of the space. Guest lecturer at Duncan Center, Czech Republic; New Bulgarian University and others. She has worked as a guest choreographer at Hippodrome Theatre, Florida; Gilotin Theatre, Sweden; Duncan Center, Czech Republic; National Opera - Novi Sad, Serbia, etc. Her choreographies have been presented at various festivals in Europe and the USA.


"Hypothetically" is the first project to be produced in the framework of the Apostol Karamitev Programme. The programme was launched in 2023 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Bulgarian actor Apostol Karamitev. The main aim of the initiative is to make possible the presentation of different forms and aesthetics, to offer new, interdisciplinary perspectives to theatre making, to discover interesting authors, ideas and practices, to address new artistic challenges to the company and the theatre team, to give visibility to new or unknown authors to the National Theatre, who can bring their unique understanding of the stage work.



Anelia Yaneva


Reneta Ikonomova


Yanina Petrova


Stefan Zdraveski


Premiere: 10th and 11th of April 2024

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