Valentin Tanev

Valentin Tanev

Graduated in National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts "Krastio Sarafov" in 1984 in the class of Prof. Krikor Azarian. He has performed at the State Theatre- Sliven, Sfumato Theatre Workshop, Theatre "La Strada". He debuted in the role of Belgubov in "Profitable Place" by A. N. Ostrovsky on the stage of Drama Theatre-Sliven. He toured at the 199 Theatre, State Satirical Theatre "Aleko Konstantinov". Among his roles at State Satirical Theatre "Aleko Konstantinov" or “Theatre 199” are: George in "Moon over Buffalo" by Ken Ludwig in the Little City Theatre Off the Channel, Yosarian in "Paragraph 22" by Joseph Heller, the Old man in "The Old Man and the Arrow" by Nikola Rusev, Raspluiev in “Merry Raspluiev’s Days”. From 1997 he was in the troupe of the "Ivan Vazov" National Theatre where he debuted in the part of the Tick in "The Lower Depts"  by Maxim Gorky. Among his roles are also: He in "Beans" by Elin Rachnev, Jusm in "Runaway Plane" by Kamen Donev, Richard Nokes in "Arcadia" by Tom Stoppard, Felix in "Santa Claus is Garbage" by Josianne Balasco, Oedipus in "Oedipus King" by Sophocles, Macduff in "Makbeth" by William Shakespeare , the Mayor in the "Visit of the Old Lady" by Friedrich Durenmat, Lazarus in "Lazaritsa" by Yordan Radichkov, Hadjiata in "Hashove" by Ivan Vazov, Tsiko in "Beethoven 21" by Konstantin Iliev, Kochkaryov in "Marriage" by Nikolay Gogol, Epihodov in " The Cherry Orchard " by A. Chekhov, Charlie Aiken in “August: Osage county" by Tracy Letts, Father Elpidius in "Life is Wonderful" by Nikolai Erdmann, Zachary Stoyanov in "The Spirit of the Poet" by Stefan Tsanev, Petar Minkov in "Knight of the Holy Spirit" by Boyan Papazov, Hadji Abram in "Attempt to Fly" by Yordan Radichkov.

He has won numerous awards among which: ASKEER ' 2006 for the role of Razpluiev in the "Merry Rapliuev’s Days", IKAR ' 97 for the role of Estragon in "Waiting for Godot", Prize of Theatrical Festival "Blagoevgrad ' 98" for the role of the Tick in "The Lower Depts".

During this season you can watch Valentin Tanev in the performances "Hashove", "The Cherry Orchard", "Knight of the Holy Spirit", "Life is Wonderful", "The Spirit of the Poet", "Attempt to Fly".

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