The Color of deep waters | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
"Apostol Karamitev" Stage

The Color of deep waters

01 h 50 m
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 12

Production team:

Boyka Velkova
Tatyana Sokolova


by Olia Stoyanova



Boyka Velkova

Assistant to the director:

Ilko Ganev


Theodosy Spassov


Tatyana Sokolova


Prof. Evgenia Pancheva


Palace intrigues, plots, desire for power and throne, stout longings, fear, loneliness, love, and strength. There is everything in this story about the clash between Two queens – Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart: a struggle for power and supremacy, sacrifice, betrayal, and love. And the stakes are high because it is a matter of fighting life and death. One is Queen. And so is the other. These two queens are very similar – both are smart, single women who inhabit their ivory towers but at the same time they are different. One's whole life is looking for love, the other sacrifices love for the sake of being strong. However, there is more to the apparent battle between the two women. They are not only struggling for power. They have a cause. And this is something that is missing today. Because what is power when you can't even have control over yourself? Does the power cost anything when you have no idea?


ASKEER Award 2018 for Contemporary Bulgarian Dramaturgy for Olia Stoyanova


Dramaturge of the performance:

Rozalia Radichkova

Asisstent director:

Reneta Ikonomova

Design of poster and photographer:

Elena Spasova

Design of program:

Yanina Petrova


Premiere: 13th of October 2017

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