08 September 2019



The first performance greets spectators on 13th September,

Follow the "Stage at Crossroads" festival and a tour in France


Ivan Vazov National Theatre opens the new season with performances on five stages. From 13th September the performances from the repertoire will be available to be seen on five stages – Main stage, Chamber hall, "Apostol Karamitev", as well as at the"Stage at Crossroads" festival in Plovdiv, and in France.


Tickets for the performances in September, October and November can be purchased in the box offices of the theatre as well as online.


Five performances and one premiere await viewers on the Main stage in September. The beginning is on 13th September with one of the most long-played and loved performances – "Hushove"/”Exiles” by Ivan Vazov directed by Alexander Morfov. Ensue "On the Edge" on 14th September created by Alexander Morfov, "The Father" directed by Diana Dobreva on 18th September, “The Ideal Husband” directed by Thierry Harcourt on 19th September, and "Useless Men" directed by Ivan Panteleev on 20th September.


On 29th September and 2nd October will be the premiere of "Nice Fish" by Mark Rylance and Luis Jenkins on the Main stage. The performance is directed by Ivaylo Hristov and the cast includes Marin Yanev, Stefan Mavrodiev, Stoyan Alexiev, Elena Telbis and Plamen Dimov.


The Chamber hall will welcome the first spectators for the 118th season of the National theatre with "the Goat or Who is Sylvia?" directed by Yavor Gurdev on 14th September. In the Chamber hall the first premiere for the new season will take place on 26th and 27th September- the play "Whatever Will Be Will Be" by Nedyalko Yordanov. The cast includes Emilia Radeva, Yanina Kasheva, Ivan Nalbantov, Zhorzheta Chakarova, Lyubomir Mladenov, Plamena Getova, Bogdan Glishev, Ruth Rafailova, Sava Piperov, Eva Tepavicharova and Hristo Terziev.


One of the main highlights of the program on "Apostol Karamitev" stage is the celebration of the unforgettable Todor Kolev on 26th September with the monodrama "Shirley Valentine", performed by Albena Koleva. 

The first performance on this stage is on 14th September- "Loot", directed by Mihayl Petrov.


Two of the sellout titles of the National theatre will be performed at the festival "Stage at Crossroads" in Plovdiv- "Ride Down Mount Morgan" on 17th September and “The Actress” on 22nd September.


On September 22nd one of the hits of the National Theatre-"My Old Lady" by Israel Horovitz, will be on tour in France. The performance with Maria Stefanova, Emanouela Shkodreva and Mihayl Bilalov will be played in Bulgarian with French subtitles, on Bulgaria Independence Day, at the Saint-Leon Theatre in Paris. The event is carried out with the support of the Bulgarian Embassy in France, and the audience will have the honour to watch the performance in the presence of the author Israel Horovitz.

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