Attempt to fly | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
Main stage

Attempt to fly

01 h 45 m
Comedy, Drama
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 15

Production team:

Stoyan Radev
Set Designer
Venelin Shurelov
Costume designer
Elitsa Georgieva


by Yordan Radichkov



Stoyan Radev


Venelin Shurelov


Elitza Georgieva


Theodosy Spassov


Everything in this comically dramatic piece begins with the advent of a wandering balloon, which drifted from the front of World War II, so it appeared over Avram's neighbourhoods. This event led to the formation of three groups of peasants who began to pursue the balloon. The images of the pursuers are more than colourful: Daskal Kiro, Hadji Avram, Petleto, Iliyko, Matei the Nothingness, Avram Sovalkata, Igoto, Pavel, Peter, Avramovitsa, Avramcheto, Babina Dushitsa. For his play, Radichkov wrote: "The events also include: a children's kite, a flea, a domesticated crow with the name Momo, Angels who carry the soul of a dead, group from Vlashko, a group of Serbians with guns, group of Greeks playing a sad melody of stringed instruments, group of Turks with a hodzcha. These four groups must symbolize the Balkans, which collectively get involved in the chase for the balloon. The highest among the Balkans is our group of persecutors, as we are in the very centre of the Peninsula. The Balkans are mansions of eagles, mansions of aerial ideas, where the spirit of man is soaring high in the clouds and each of the characters has flown at least once in a dream. This Chronicle has a modest task to show how real-life events create myths. All myths are created by the common people, a mixture of imagination and ignorance, and a constant dream of man to break away from the miserable and despicable earthly life. As it enlightens and warms the human soul, the despised and miserable life begins to sound almost baladically and dims with pure human light."


Icarus Award 2019 for Major Technical Performance



Rozalia Radichkova

Assistant Directors:

Meglena Dimitrova, Olga Nedialkova

Design of poster and program:

Yanina Petrova

Photo of poster:

Stefan N. Shterev


Stefan N. Shterev and Bozhidar Markov


Stefan N. Shterev


Premiere: 13th of November 2018

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