In the Dark | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
17 September, Tuesday 19:30 "Apostol Karamitev" Stage

In the Dark

Production team:

In the Dark

Original work by Albena Stavreva



Albena Stavreva


Albena Stavreva


Nikos Kypourgos


Mila Iskarova


Julian Stoichkov


Albena Stavreva


Javor Gardev


"You think I’m tellin’ you ‘bout things I’ve seen, but no. All of these are just miracles, this is all just ignorance and if we could see ‘em, they’d transform into visions."

With a jar of jam and an old suitcase Gichka the Cuckoo, the adopted daughter of the village priest, is alone in the belfry of the church. Her stories are unbelievably funny and offer a passage to a small village and its absurd, but lost world. Her stories are also sad as the trusting nature of a child is incapable of seeing through the veil of evil, even if it is staring it in the face. This is a tale of loneliness for those who are different, of frantic living on the margins of sanity and unconditional love. A life filled with memories and wonder. All of them were kept in a tiny tinder box. 


Nomination for Icarus Award 2023 for a Leading female role for the performance "In the Dark"

Special Award from the Municipality of Shumen for the performance "In the Dark"

Award from the International Theatre Festival of Comedy and Satirical Performance for the female role in the performance "In the Dark"

Award from the National Festival of Small Theatre Forms in Vratsa for the female role in the performance "In the Dark" 

ASKEER Award 2023 for a mono-performance for the performance "In the Dark"


Second assistant-director:

Reneta Ikonomova

Poster designer:

Nikolai Dimitrov NAD

Program designer:

Yanina Petrova


Stefan N. Shterev


Stefan Zdraveski


Premiere: 12th of November 2022


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