18 September 2019



The actor from the troupe of the National Theatre will celebrate with five performances in October, provides support to a young actress

35 years after his first portrayal of Figaro in Pierre de Beaumarchais’s timeless play, one of the brightest stars from the troupe of the National Theatre MIHAYL PETROV is set to reenact it on our Main stage.

More than three decades after the premiere of “The Marriage of Figaro” and one year after the opening of “The Follies of a Day”, put on stage under his direction, Mihayl Petrov will dress up like the whimsical barber as a special treat for the audience. The gala performance of “The Follies of a Day” on 19th October will include multiple surprises including Mihayl Petrov’s appearance as Figaro in the final monologue.

In 1984, when he played the role of Figaro, Mihayl Petrov teamed up with a number of renowned actors: the current Managing director of our theatre Marius Donkin, Maria Stefanova, Violeta Gindeva, Anton Radichev, Zhorzheta Chakarova, Violeta Bahchevanova, Nikolay Nikolaev and many others. The director was Nikola Petkov.

Mihayl Petrov will celebrate his jubilee along with his 47th season on the stage of the National Theater with five performances in October, in this number "The Imaginary Invalid" by Jean Baptiste Molière on 16th October, "Loot" by Joe Orton on 17th October, "Lunatics" by Ken Ludwig on 18th October, "The Follies of a Day" by Beaumarchais on 19th October and "I pay" by Yves Jamiaque on 24th October.

On the occasion of the Jubilee, the actor, known among his colleagues for his subtle sense of humor, created his personal page on Facebook. He addressed the audience with the words: "Hello! I'm Mihayl Petrov. The actor, the director, the husband, the father, the grandfather, the tennis player, etc.- Activities  which I believe I carry out with desire and responsibility.

Sometimes I feel like I have been in the troupe of Ivan Vazov” National Theatre since the Mesozoic era. My behavior and mentality, however, are like the  "captive revolutionary," who, at gunpoint will not reveal his age. I will divulge, though,  I am starting my 47th season at the National Theater. I am mature enough to realize "how important it is to be serious" and to have fun.

The time is ripe to open my page on the web. My CV begins to inundate. The photos and videos published on the page are provided by the "Ivan Vazov" National Theatre  and by my personal archives. Welcome and enjoy viewing!

Mihayl Petrov made an eloquent appeal to celebrate this anniversary in a distinctive way and support the career of a young talented actress whom he met unexpectedly but at the right time- Veronica Yanakieva.

“I have been thinking it out properly how to grow this moment into something more than a personal anniversary and a theatrical celebration. Through this event, I wanted all of us together to create a joyful memory in time and to be part of the realization of a dream, the dream of Veronica Yanakieva, an actress and as she defines herself as a "creative traveler in different dimensions". I invite you to celebrate my personal anniversary on 19th October with something other than flowers and gifts. This is not a charitable cause. This is part of the joy and excitement we will share together.”

We will install donation boxes in the foyers of the theatre prior to the shows included in my jubilee program in case you get behind our cause. With the money raised Veronica will be able to buy a new sports wheelchair to succor her on stage”


Tickets for the performances included in the jubilee program can be found at the box offices of the National theatre as well as online https://nationaltheatre.bg

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