Slavena Zaykova | Artist | Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Slavena Zaykova

Slavena Zaykova

Graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts "Kr. Sarafov" (NATFA) in 2017 in the class of Prof. Plamen Markov. After that, she acquired a master's degree in the speciality "Management in Performing Arts and Industries" with Prof. Lidiya Varbanova.

She plays on the stages of the Bulgarian Army Theater, Drama theatre "Nikolai Masalitinov" – Plovdiv, Theatre Laboratory Sfumato and others. In 2024, she became part of the troupe of the Ivan Vazov National Theater, where her roles are Second Woman in "Caligula" directed by Diana Dobreva, Brenda in "How Important it is to Be Serious (Years Later)" directed by Boyko Iliev, Angelinka, a refugee in "Vazov's People" directed Diana Dobreva and Alpha, Schoolgirl, David Di Meola, Publisher, Gynecologist and Agila in "The Elementary Particles", directed by Chris Sharkov.

During this season, on the stage of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, you can watch Slavena Zaykova in the following performances: "The Elementary Particles", "Caligula", "How Important It Is to be Serious (Years Later)" and "Vazov's People".

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